Dispatching or not – this is the question

May 11, 2020


May 11, 2020

Dispatching or not – this is the question

For Owner-Operators, there are only few options of finding freight. They can either search through load boards, or work with a dispatcher or a freight broker when time is limited.

Most of the time, when you are new to the business or a small operator you find yourself questioning about really needing dispatching services or a freight broker to have full loads all the time. Should you really outsource those services, or you can handle them? 

Finding those high paying loads is one of the most challenging, stressful and time-consuming activity. Most owner operators say it is seconded only by the back-end paperwork.

Freight Broker vs. Truck Dispatching Service Company. Are they the same thing? What’s the difference between the two?

For an owner-operator it’s crucial to know the difference between the two, as the difference resides in the amount of money that remains in their pockets at the end, and the type of activities that can be outsourced.  

A Fright Broker is not the same thing with a Truck Dispatcher. 

Freight Brokers act as a conduit between the shipper and the carrier, they are middle men. They negotiate rates with both the shippers and the carriers, and make money out of it. Translated, this would mean that the higher the rate negotiated with the shipper, the lower the rate negotiated with the carrier to turn a bigger profit.  

If you want to work with a freight broker you need a very good set of negotiating skills and knowledge of pay rates. It is also important to have a good knowledge of your operating costs, as it is very easy for the loads to become unprofitable. 

Dispatchers, on the other hand, represent You when negotiating rates – they act on your behalf. They have an incentive to find high-paying freight, as they receive a percentage of your rate.

Your only concern should be driving, loading, and dropping off the cargo, as these operations require a lot of time and effort on their own. Having a reliable dispatch services will save you a lot of your time and, therefore, money because you will be able to rely on your dispatcher to perform all the important back-office operations. 

With a reliable and experienced truck dispatch service, and partner connections with thousands of shippers and brokers, our company’s dispatching service helps independent truckers and small companies manage many of the back-office aspects of their business. 

From finding loads, to negotiating and booking loads, we’ll take care to represent your best interest and get the highest possible freight. Also, we provide end-to-end services, with the help of a large, experienced, team of dispatchers, load acquirers, and other accounting and support staff. 

Your designated dispatcher and his team will always act like your partner, thus you’ll have a series of benefits that are highly important for you and your business. Full support, a flexible service, keeping your trucks moving all year round, handling unexpected issues, are just a few to mention.  

If wondering why other owner-operators sign up with us, we give you some of their reasons:

  • Reliability
  • 24/7 dispatch service
  • Getting the best rates
  • Customer care
  • Taking care of the payments
  • Weekly payments
  • A flat rate of only 9% of load pay

So, why outsourcing your dispatching to Fortus Group?

  • It saves you time: our main concern will be to keep you on the roads 24/7, all year round, while you can focus solely on what you know best – pulling loads. After all, Time is Money!   
  • We do more than just finding freight: we also take care of the back-office, provide you with customer care and make sure you get paid smoothly.
  • We work for You! Your designated dispatcher will always represent your best interest when negotiating, struggling to get you the highest rates.

In the end, having a reliable dispatching partner can only make you more money and help your business grow.  

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