3PL Brokerage

Are you running out of time? Because of our large network, we move your freight with the most reliable carriers, so you can be sure it is delivered on time.


3PL Brokerage

As a third-party logistics freight broker, Fortus Group is able to provide the highest level of service possible to meet and exceed our customer's specific requirements from planning shipments to finding the best pricing, identifying the ideal mode of transportation, making sure your goods are insured, and more..

Because we know well how to manage the multiple and complex aspects of shipping and freight coordination, we can step in and handle the whole shipping process.

All the Benefits

Strong personal relationships with carriers

We have an extensive carrier network that can move your products using various forms of transportation including trucks, rails, ships, and planes. We have access to the best pricing, the ability to ship your goods in a time crunch if needed, and change capacity needs. You no longer need to research schedules and pricing across multiple carriers, you can go through a single source for all service types and territories.

In step with the technological development process

We are constantly in close connection with shippers and carriers. This constant contact keeps us knowledgeable about what you want and what carriers need. We can often provide tracing & tracking of shipments in one central place for multiple carriers, without calling on the phone or logging into a dozen websites to find out where cargo is. Once you've chosen your type of shipping, no matter if it’s Air, Ocean, Road or Rail – our advanced tracking options, gives you the possibility to see whereabouts of your shipment every step of the way.

Flexibility is everything

Depending on the time of year, sometimes you need to ship more, sometimes less. Due to our large network of carriers, we can provide more flexibility around your needs. We can assure you the right transport at the most competitive price.

Save to Win

Being in close business relationships with our carrier partners and offering them enough workload, make them really good competitors in terms of pricing and allow them to create offers that you will only have to win from. However, it is essential for us to offer you not only the lowest price that may not be in line with your needs but also the best transport solution at the best price. We make sure our partners are providing high-quality services and professional attitude by constantly checking on the customer’s feedback, reviews, questionnaire.

We can manage not only the goods but also the issues

We can solve any problem with your shipments quickly and efficiently. Having enough expertise and knowledge we can handle the legal side of transportation, contracts and documentation, inventory issues, handle claims so you can stay focused on your business.

You are our main priority!

Like in any business, customers are a priority. We are not only focused on simply moving your freight, but also on your satisfaction and personal needs. Meeting your needs with a high level of service is what you can be sure we care when you deal with us. We are willing to help you create a good strategy for your entire shipping process, and finally becoming your sustainable transportation partner.

Asset Based

With our trucking asset-based service you have nothing to worry about. We take care of everything.


Because of our large network, we move your freight with the most reliable carriers, so you can be sure it is delivered on time.


We handle all aspects of finding, negotiating, and booking loads for independent truckers and small companies.