Do you really need a reliable dispatcher

May 11, 2020


May 11, 2020

Do you really need a reliable dispatcher

As an Owner-Operator, working with a truck dispatch service company can be a crucial decision for your business. Passing from a 24/7 job as an owner-operator, to having someone taking care of your „back-office” souds good, but the question is: can a truck dispatcher help your business?

A lot of questions arise when it comes to this subject and the decision is not an easy one. How do you choose the right dispatcher? Can he really make a difference? There are many challenges that owner-operators are facing and sometimes it’s not that simple to trust someone with your own business.

How will a truck dispatcher help you?

Our Company’s dispatching service helps independent truckers and small companies manage many of the back-office aspects of their business. From finding loads, to negotiating and booking loads, we’ll take care to represent your best interest. 

With a reliable and experienced truck dispatch service, and partner connections with thousands of shippers and brokers, we always try to get the highest possible freight. Also, we provide end-to-end services, with the help of a large, experienced, team of dispatchers, load acquirers, and other accounting and support staff. 

Wandering what are your benefits? Here is what you can get when choosing Fortus Group as your Dispatching partner: 

  • Full Support: from your initial paperwork with the freight agents to sending you the bills through fax or emails.
  • Flexible service: we’re looking for the exact type of offer you need
  • Finding loads: perhaps the most important service, we keep your trucks moving all year round, 24/7 
  • Assigning loads: matching a load with your best resource to deliver it
  • Getting the best rates: our team always negotiates the best rates for you
  • Managing weather delays and handling issues: our experienced team of dispatchers can help you plan for and deal with weather delays, traffic congestion and other issues that might occur while on the road. 
  • Providing customer care: our customer service is there to help and discuss everything that concerns you and your shipping
  • Taking care of the payment: we help you to earn more and get paid smoothly. Transparency is a priority that we care about.
  • 27/7 Dispatch service: you’ll have a dedicated dispatcher and his team assigned to you and your business. This way you’ll always deal with the same dispatcher. 
  • Factoring and Invoicing: our accounting support staff are always ready to solve all the formalities related to invoicing and factoring 
  • Flat rate of 9% of load pay: we are charging only 9% of the gross payment of the loads, and the rest is yours. NO other hidden fees.
  • Weekly payment: through cost-effective, simple, safe and convenient electronic payment only  
  • Quick pay option available 
  • Overweight/oversized loads: we take care of all the permits of O&O load, so you can have no worries about how much your freight weight

Managing the back office tasks of a trucking carrier is a very time consuming job. Being an owner-operator and taking care of all of this paperwork by yourself might be stressful. 

Not being able to find loads, while running a trucking company is one of the reasons why owner-operators fail from the begining. And one of the main reasons they should partner with the right truck dispatch service company.

In the end, having a reliable dispatching partner can only make you more money and help your business grow, while you do what you know best – pulling loads. 

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Asset Based

With our trucking asset-based service you have nothing to worry about. We take care of everything.


Because of our large network, we move your freight with the most reliable carriers, so you can be sure it is delivered on time.


We handle all aspects of finding, negotiating, and booking loads for independent truckers and small companies.